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District Treasurer

  • Conducts all financial activities of District 21 as set forth in the yearly budget committee meeting.

  • The Treasurer is the Chairperson of District 21 Budgetary meetings.

  • Maintains a business account for the deposit and disbursement of District funds.

  • Secures a Post Office Box for receiving contributions.

  • Collects 7th Tradition contributions from Groups and members, and regularly deposits the funds in the District checking account.

  • Provides monthly report at District 21 meetings, including the current balance sheet, a summary of group contributions and budget vs. actual income and expenses.

  • Maintain forms and procedures for expense reimbursement, and be available to District 21 Trusted Servants to show how they should be used.

  • Any expenses exceeding budget allotment to be approved by District 21.

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